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What happen to the 1st date? Smiling laughing getting to know each other? I am a single mom of 2 adult children and 1 14 yr old that I love to no end. I am currently a Computer IT student. I grew up in Az I like to go hang out with friends and family, BBQ's, Drinking, Swimming, Camping whatever peaks my interest at the time. I love to dance, cuddle, watch movies and kiss. I am a Libra and fit it to a T. I enjoy listening to music, sports and hanging out on Sat morning with a BIG bowl of fruit loops and cartoons. I drink Tequila, but will drink beer if I can drink it from your bottle, so you must love to share. My favorites are Tinkerbell, the color Pink and Opals. I am not a typical girl that has to have diamonds and sports cars, big houses and high dollar purses. I am simple as long as I am happy with me and the man in my life, bills are paid and he loves me for me I am good...I want a real man that will walk with me, talk with me. Play with my hair when I am sick, take me to a basketball game and teach me about the sport. Be real with me, no games no bull%#&@$!! Go sit with me down at the pool and we all know it's not cause you wanna, but because you wanna see who is checking me
Music: Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Country
TV: Criminal Minds, CSI Miami
Sports: New England patriots and Boston Red Sox
Interests: Swimming, BBQ's Sports, Laughing and enjoying life
Movies: Walking Tall,
BestFeatures: My SMILE

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