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i am 26 yrs old, cambodian, i am the youngest outta of six in my family, i like to go out have fun chill with the family...love football! enjoy watching it and playing it my favorite teams are the baltimore ravens and the new orleans saints... umm... i am currently single just looking to meet new people maybe shake a hand meet a friend.. i hate guys who are liars and always on some bullshit.. need a grown ass man who keeps it real and one hundred at all times ... anything else just ask
HighSchool: Roosevelt High School
College: Everest College
JuniorHighSchool: Hamilton Middle School
ElementarySchool: Cooper Elementary School
Music: i am very open ...whatever pleases my ear ill listen to i t lol
TV: i dont have a favorite but i like a lot of shows like "house of payne" meet the browns" "dexter" "american horror story" "the game" "sons of anarchy" etc
Sports: love to play and watch football!! and i dont mind basketball either
Interests: on my sparetime i like to go out with my friends chill with my fam bam, umm. watch movies, go bowling or go play pool umm.. just have fun
Movies: i dont have a favorite but i my actors are kate hudson, katherine heigel and columbus short etc
BestFeatures: you tell me....
Dreams: to be able to provide for my family more than i am doing now and to finally finish school as a "RN" and maybe one day find the guy who aint on some bs but on some get right and on their grown man status ,,,,

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