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bout me..... my name is maria i am Spanish (from Spain), Native American (Osage or Hopi), and white i am 29yrs old i am single i am a mother of 4yr old beautiful twin girls... they are my life. i am a college student studying to be a forensic scientist/CSI (I love this, and its a passion of mine) i am very secure with myself and my surroundings i am a confident women i know what i want and don't want i am drama free and i would like to keep it that way i have been told i am pretty simple i am very independent and outgoing i love to laugh and have fun i am alittle freaky and feisty but that comes with the territory of a Spanish girl. i am sweet and affectionate i love photography, hiking,camping, and fishing, basically anything that my kids can do with me is a bonus, play-dates (that's for the kids, lol), hanging out with my close friends, and getting to know new friends. i love all types of music just as long as i can move and dance to it i have been told i have an amazing smile and beautiful eyes and i am blunt and keep it real if u want to know anything else u know what to do....
HighSchool: Everett High School
Music: i like anything with a beat...
TV: i dont watch much tv it makes ppl lazy
Books: school books and self help books
Sports: i love soccer and football basically contact sports
Interests: meeting you is my interest at this moment
Movies: i love watching movies
BestFeatures: my eyes, smile and personality
Dreams: to become a forensic scientist

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