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Now that the whirlwind of my university years are winding down, I am excited to be in such an incredible city with an amazing career, family and friends. I am passionate, ambitious and eager to explore not only Seattle, but the whole Pacific Northwest with someone who is kind, smart, driven, and optimistic. Balance is important to me- relaxation is not appreciated without the contrast of hard work. Health, happiness, and lots of coffee is what I see in my future.
Music: Like all music except country really
TV: The Bachelor, What Chili Wants
Books: I've started and been intrigued by Thomas Campbell's The China Study- interesting insight on my two favorite topics: food and health.
Interests: Exploring the city, yoga, coffee, cooking, relaxing with a glass of wine, soaking up the sun (when its there!), cupcakes, indulging in my shameful passion for bad reality tv (confession), impulse shopping at Whole Foods
Movies: Angelina Jolie
Dreams: (Newly) Registered nurse. My profession is amazing in that it intersects cutting edge medical research and technology and the most basic of human needs. I hope to become a nurse practitioner eventually.

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