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My children and family is # 1. I work full time.I gaduated College May 2010. I am co-owner and operator of Lifestyles. Focusing on all my blessings and polishing all the talents within myslef.....If your ship does not come to you then swim to it :) If you think I don't know everything done in the dark comes to light and returns back to sender...... Your worst enemy is your best friend keep strangers closer
Music: Any and everything uplifting and motivational!! Favorite artist: Etana(uplifting) Richie Spice, Bob Marley, Morgan Heritage, Sarani, Brick and Lace, Mavado.
TV: House, Wicked (island Videos), Anything on Lifetime ...............and of course cartoons lol
Books: BIBLE......Push.....The coldest Winter Ever ......Roots.....A day late and a $1 short .....G Spot to name a few......
Sports: I like floor gymnastics, football, basket ball, tennis a liltle base ball
Interests: Writing Poetry, reading, singing and watching my children grow into strong young black men.
Movies: Anything that has a meaning.....lesson...suspense. Stand up Comedy, Educational Documentaries.
BestFeatures: My ability to be such unstoppable go getter. My smile personality
Dreams: To be all that I can be!!!!!!!!!

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