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Just looking for my best friend and soul mate. Is that too much to ask for?
HighSchool: High Point Regional High School
Music: I love country, but will listen to basically anything
TV: I don't have cable, but I like the Seasons on DVD of ER, CSI-The Original, Army Wives, and Charmed.
Books: I love anything by Stephen King and also enjoy JK Rowling, Stepanie Meyer, and Sherryl Woods
Sports: I especially like hockey, baseball, and Nascar......NJ Devils, NY Yankees, and #39 Ryan Newman!!
Interests: I love writing poetry, singing, acting, amusement parks, camping, hiking, traveling.......anything as long as I'm having fun doing it!
Movies: I love Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. My all time favorite movies are the Wizard of Oz and Dirty Dancing!!
BestFeatures: My chest and my eyes
Dreams: My dream is to go back to school and become a pastry chef. I also dream of marrying the man who will be my soul mate and best friend and having a family. I love children so I want at least 2, but no pressure!!

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