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Life has brought so many ups and downsand I am truly blessed through it all
ElementarySchool: Meadowbrook Elementary School
Music: I love to listen to R&B mainly old school. Gospel and some hip hop. I also like other music such as Jazz and what ever music moves my soul
TV: I like watching reality shows. And comedy shows
Books: The GOOD Book (BIBLE) is the book I should read all the time. But what I do read is African American Fiction and romance. I also like to read inspirational religious books.
Sports: GO 49ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget the Cowgirls and the Miami Fish. OOPs my mean Cowboys and Dolphins. LOL
Interests: I like to go out, spend time with my family, friends, and maybe a special person.
Movies: I like comedy, action and romance. I watch scary movies with my man so I can hide when a scary part comes on.
BestFeatures: My beautiful smile and enticing eyes. I have a loving personality and great attitude.
Dreams: My dream is almost complete I will be finishing my Masters degree and become and Marriage and Family/Child Therapist. YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!...... I want to have one more child...one day when I find LOVE again. I want for my son ir hopefully children, ALL OF THEM, to have a good child hood and to learn about God so that when he does get older he knows who to lean on. I want for him to get an education so that he can have the desires of his heart when he is older and so he can take care of me and not put me in a nursing home. Most of all my dream is to be like Jesus. It's hard!!!!

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