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I am tall I am 5'9" and I like to wear heels sometimes. I love to write poetry, I love to jam out to live music, sing karaoke, I love to play pool, chill with friends kick back, share stories and laugh until the night turns into day
Music: I like everything but mostly I listen to rock and other genres of the sort: Alternative, punk, metal. Some bands I like: Opeth, Megadeath, Lamb of God, Otep, Acid Bath, Kidney Thieves, KoRn, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle, Chevelle, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Alice In Chains, Incubus, Bush, Evans Blue, Live, Tool, T.A.T.U, NIN, Mudvayne...Just to name a few ^-^
TV: All the Law and Orders ( Favorite is SVU), Lie to me, House, Family Guy, South Park, Discovery Channel, Food Network, History Channel, Discovery Health
Books: Desperation by Stephen King is my all time favorite book....other than that I havent given the time for reading too much...probably should get on that...
Sports: I like Football best but i also like baskletball. No preference on team i'm not that big of a sports fan lol
Interests: I love music, poetry, and laughter these three are my life.
Movies: I dont really have a preference, i used to watch alot of horror movies but not alot anymore...atleast the bloody guts ones >_< Other than that..bring it on bitch! ^_~
BestFeatures: My "come hither" look
Dreams: To have made a difference in someone's life in a good way, not be easily forgotten and also to truly appreciate the things I have and not need anything else to complete me are my dreams

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