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the name's SAMIEE!! i am a Junior ^_^, which so far i am lovin'? , i am a very random person(blah blah...la la), i like chillin' with friends, i am always workin' out(i like to keep my bod fit) i like to play football(tackle)not that bitchy two hand touch or flag(ur just gay)ha....yea, basketball and of course cheer/gymnastics!!!!!! i am offically taken by JOSHUA MICHAEL SOUTH!!! i am also expecting a baby, who is due July 10th, 2011!!! i am so excited and cant wait til he/she gets here!! And by August of next summer i will be married!!! well that is the plan!! :)
Music: Hip Hop and R&B
TV: i really dont watch a lot of tv!!!
Books: ha funny, i dont read either!!
Movies: any thing scary or funny
WhatImInto: Cheerleading and Volly Ball and Football and Basketball and i do gymnastics on the side!!!! well any thing that has to do with sports!!! i work out a lot!!! i like to stay fit!!!
MyBestFeatures: eyes!!! ^_^ personality!!!
MyDreams: to have someone that will love me and care about me just as i do!!

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