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Just your averaged (a tad bit over-average) Chica trying to make it in this twisted and curveball throwing land we call home. I'm soooo ready to be settled so I could try to relax. I have no idea of the meaning of the word. But that's how it is. A testicularly challenged hispanic chick in a rat raced world full of testoterone and egos. But I'm doing it.
HighSchool: Junior High School 324 Sarah Garnett
College: Georgia State University
ElementarySchool: PS 112 Lefferts Park
Music: Hip/Hop, R&B, Latin, Jazz
TV: Army Wives, The Golden Girls (those bitches are badd!), The Shield, the Sopranos, The Wire...fuck The Young and The Restless!
Sports: Volleyball, Tennis
Movies: I love scary movies. Especially something that can scare the shit out of me.
WhatImInto: I'm into video games (just beat God Of War 1 but am stuck on GOW2...help!), singing, and writing poetry.
MyBestFeatures: Well, physically, my eyes and smile get a lot of attention. And for a slim chick, I have a nice ass. I stand at almost 6' 0", so yeah, I'm tall for a hispanic chick. But is that so uncommon?
MyDreams: I'm doing good now as far as my dreams. I have the Marketing job I've worked so hard for. I recently purchased my first house (4 bedroom two bath, split leveled, pool in the back, fireplace..that's right, biotches! Did it myself!) So I guess what's next is waiting for that man who's going to hold me down, treat me like the queen I am, fall in love, get married and then plan for "Ryan Simone" to come along.

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