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Hello Everyone! I'm a proud mother of 3 crazy boys and 1 spolied girl. If you know me say HI.If you need someone to talk to write. PLEASE NO DRAMA I'M NOT YOUR MAMA! LOL
HighSchool: Casa Grande Union High School
College: Central Arizona College
Music: I like all kinds of different music. Not fond of country.
Movies: I love any kind of chick flick and kid movies.
WhatImInto: I love beeing a "soccer mom". At least thats what Ive been called. Thanks Joya!! HAHAHA. I enjoy spending time with my family. But even Soccer moms need to got out with the girls to have a drink and dance. Girls Night Out!!!!
MyBestFeatures: I love my smile and personality. I'll be there to talk to you, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to you, and a friend who will always have your back.
MyDreams: One day I would love to travel with my husband. Own a huge house in Sedona, AZ and a brand new Lexus. Of course this will happen when I win the Lotto and my children are grown. HAHA

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