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lets see hmm im a Leo . I'm usually a very out spoken person not afraid to speak my mind, once I get to know someone, I tend to make sure my sense of humor wont get me into trouble first.. lol I'm a Huge flirt always have been always WILL be.. I have 5 tattoos and a tongue ring. I have a bad mouth.. swearing all the time. Fuck is my fav word, it can be used in soo many ways.. LOL I like men who are kind with a strong sense of what he wants (desires). Someone who isn't afraid to speak it as well. Words can have ALOT of power!! I want a man who will pull me close and dance with me even if theres no music. I am truly tired of all the fake asses, that think they can be what a girl says she wants.. I want a man who doesnt have to try!! Who just is!! He should always be himself..
Music: I like alot of stuff too many to list.. To get a sense of what I listen to check out my player..
TV: A few shows Im into are True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Bones
Books: I dont really have a favorite.. But I love books about vampires, wicca ect.. Not really one for mushy romance but books that are romantically sexual .. A few that Ive read recently are One Bite with a Stranger by Christine Warren & Marked by P.C & Kristen Cast.. I'm currently reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward
Sports: let me see.. lol yea right
Interests: hmm Music, motorcycles (LOVE riding !!!), photo editing, 3d... basically anything to do with computers
Movies: hmm horror, comedy, drama. pretty much anything
BestFeatures: My eyes , my smile so Im told
Dreams: I dream of so many things, but mainly I dream of finding a REAL man!! cuz Im tired of all the bullshit.. I wonder if there are men who actually dont think its ok to cheat..

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