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I can't stand getting call sexy, cutie, baby.... it literally repulses me. I hate capital letters. I'm not afraid to tell someone I don't like them. It's my goal to be on the Bad Girls Club. I am that person that is always laughing too loud in public. I love to dance and blare my music. I've learned to never trust anyone, with anything. I have issues I am still working on with myself. I have very low self esteem and high standards. I'm hoping to find myself soon, and be the person I am supposed to and want to be. This is my life & I am writing it in pen, no turning back now.
College: Black Hills State University
Music: metal, rap, reggae, rock.
TV: dexter.
Books: Crank & Twilight
Sports: I like baseball and football.. :)
Interests: chillin', riding dirtbikes, 4-wheeling, fishing, camping, going to movies.
Movies: Requirem for a Dream, Blow, Dazed and Confused, The Invisible Circus, The Union, Out Cold, Boondock Saints, Anything with Adam Sandler, American Beauty.. and thousands more...
BestFeatures: Eyes?

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